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We seek to deepen our social-economic impact among women and youth by catalysing the creation of gainful employment opportunities, we have identified 4 key thematic areas namely  Education, Agriculture, Environment and Entrepreneurship to support through a strategic partnership in order to achieve our purpose of transforming lives for good.

  1. Education - We run the Somesha Project education- Mentorship and education financing initiative targeting children and youth in Primary Secondary and Tertiary education level. Access  life skills  and  non interrupted learning   
    1. Skilling Kenya - which seeks to promote the uptake of youth in tertiary institutions to improve on youth employability and entrepreneurship skills. This is done through the provision of education loans, mentorship on life and soft skills, financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. 
      1. Offering education loans and mentorships to bright and economically disadvantaged students to pursue learning in tertiary institutions.
      2. Establishing Technical and Vocational centres to offer affordable and relevant skills and talent to improve employability and self-employment among youths (Mwangazabiz Institute).
  2. Agriculture - We seek to enhance agricultural productivity and incomes for youths and women smallholder farmers through a programme dubbed Agribiz Support Project.  To address the problem of poverty, hunger (Food & Nutrition Security), and Decent Jobs ( AGRI JOBS,) we offer training and advance affordable credit to youth and women running enterprises  in the agriculture value chain with a particular focus on Indigenous  Poultry, fruits and vegetable farming and Livestock
  3. ENVIRONMENT -  Green and Clean  World Initiative ( GCI)  - Entails:
    1. Intensive tree growing program ( A Million Trees Initiative- MTI) 
    2. Cleanup exercises in urban centres, public institutions, water bodies
    3. Promoting usage of cleaner energy use - Gas Mashinani- Kila Boma Kila Wakati
    4. Promoting sustainable sand harvesting and charcoal burning
  4. ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Entails business development training and offers affordable microcredit to youth and women under programs dubbed Jenga Youth Program (JYP) and Wezesha Mama Program  (WEMA) respectively. This programs seeks to strengthen micro and small enterprises which are key in  creation of jobs and livelihood support.