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Kuku Tatu Project

Kuku Tatu Project

Mwangazabiz is a private company registered in Kenya and operating as a community microfinance whose mandate is to alleviate poverty through financial inclusion and literacy among rural youth and women.

Under our social arm we have introduced an agribusiness poultry project dubbed, Kuku Tatu Project . Through strategic partnership we seek to support kienyenji poultry farmer group in the entire value chain, through training, financing and linking them with other relevant players in the industry.

We target to reach 10,000 farmers in Laikipia County.

The main aim of the program include but not limited to the following:

  1. Nutrition - chicken products are very rich in proteins which are essential for human growth and body building especially in young children. Nutritionists recommend the products due to their high nutritional value especially to the diabetic.
  2. Improve disposable income – project the main products for sale will be eggs, meat and mature chicken. With the high demand of the above products this project will increase income of farmers in the region as well as increase their revenue streams.
  3. Food security - droughts and famines are a major menace in Laikipia. This project will help in providing buffer during such times since people can consume the product and sell them to buy food.

Through partnership with government, corporates, NGOS, Religious organization, learning institution and other stakeholders we seek to transform lives of small hold farmer through poultry farming.